Permaculture scool of simple life

Following a swedish model we are creating on the biodynamic farm Masesselin a scool where you learn to live simply and in harmony with nature: how you produce your food ( vegetables, patatoes, cereals, salads and fruits ), how to store it, how to cook it, how to make your clothes, how you build a house, how you take care of hygene, how you take care of your body, natural health basics, how to practise yoga, dancing, music and arts.

This scool aimes to give a basic crash curriculum into the new way of living, the way you will live, when you understand that its now the moment to change your life-style. One class lasts one full year in order to cover all natural seasons.

The scool starts in August with harvesting what the class before planted. We will look how to store food for one year. Wintertime is a good time to get into interior work, we will practise a lot of of yoga and dancing, get in touch with Feldenkrais and natural health techniques. In spring we look into gardening techniques, sow seeds and plant. In summer we take care and water the fields. We also  build houses. 

The scool is not for free because we pay the teachers a decent salary. It costs aroud 1000 Frs a month,  people having not enough money can apply to a scolarship. A diploma will be issued at the end of the year. The year will be recognized as "practicum" in many ulterior scoolings which demand practical experience.






Nicolas Barth · Masesselin 81 · 2887 Soubey · 032 955 17 04