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volonteers are always welcome throughout the year. Please submit your application together with your biography and your motivation why you want to come. Volonteers are supposed to work 4h a day against free sleeping and eating. We expect you to have taken a clear decision to learn how to live with instead against nature. You like to be outside. you have the equipment to be and sleep outside, good shoes, a good sleeping bag, raingear.  You love nature. You use natural soaps and you eat natural food. Here on the farm we get to bed early to be full power in the morning. Here we try to use the less possible artificial, electrical light because we like natural light, the athmosphere of an early morning or when the sun sets. This does not mean that we do not party. It means that we don't party everynight but when we party we party. We are not narrow-minded orthodox people stinging to stupid detail. We accept for every rule an exeption. But we have clear rules: we talk truth even when lying is more easy. 

Announce you visit, don't come spontaneously as we might lack place.

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