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To participate at the event the 1st and 2nd june please fill in this form

As I get older I need to face the idea that I have to pass along my farm to younger brains, hands and arms. My two sons (16 and 19 years) are not interested right now, they might maybe later. That's why I do not sell the farm, I have the intention to rent it. The take over competition on june first and second will serve to reunite all people interested in the farm. They will have the occasion to present their visions and dreams. Together all participants will choose three candidates, who will be invited for a week to the farm to establish their formal project.

The number of 12 candidates has been reached and unfortunately we can not accept any candidates for this year anymore. There is a possibility that we repeat the take over competition next year with a large media support linked to a crowd-funding scheme to fund the new projects and to get rid of money problems. To keep updated you can subscribe to the e-mail newsletter list where you will get all news and be informed on what is happening:


The presentation of the 12 candidates will happen on sunday morning the 2nd June at 10 o'clock. Another 50 persons are invited to join the event as guests, they will participate to the vote of the best three candidates. The event starts with a guided visit of the farm on saturday the 1st June at 14h and a commun supper at around 18h, followed by an outdoor party where all participants have the occasion to exhibit at the huge bon-fire their latest new songs, dances or stories. Participants will spend the night outside , with or without tent. In case of rain there is enough place in the barns to find a dry spot. For the evening saturday you can bring your own (organic) food or buy it here (10 CHF per person for flammenkuech and salad).

I want to do a sumptuous, unforgetable dessert buffet so if you bring an organic dessert it is very welcomed!

To participate at the event the 1st and 2nd june please fill in this form:

About the farm

The farm Masesselin is located completely isolated at the edge of civilisation in a nature reserve, on the banks of the Doubs river surrounded by fields and forests. 20 hectares of fields and pasture lands on 460m above sea-level and 12 hectares of forest. 15 cows, 80 apple, peers and cherry trees, an own water source, three appartements, large community spaces, wood-work and metalwork ateliers, barns, stables, gardens, ponds, and a brand-new huge hangar (18m x 12.5m) good for yoga or sports events. I believe that it is the high end ultimate dream location for any project you might want to realise.

Date of the final take over 

The take over will happen at the earliest on 1.1.2021 and at the latest on 1.1.2026. Me, the owner will leave the farm and not live on the site anymore.

Thanks for submitting!

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