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masesselin dream

"the site is under construction. There is a dream what it should be in the end. This place is just unbelievable. Located in one of the richest countries of the world, close to many big cities, in the heart of a huge natural reserve, on the edge between civilisation and wild nature. There is almost infinite potential.

The dream? Clearly this place is it. So much peace. So much lonely river in the countryside. So much clean air. So much no noise. So many birds. So many flowers. So many fruits. So many good people. So many good solutions. So much Beauty, good energy, happiness, togetherness, lets'do it spirit. "

"the way till there, to the realisation of this dream is open. Many things have been started. Now they need to be made. Masesselin needs people helping."

"Please, if you don't know what do to, but you want to help to change the world, to reinvent a new way of life, then help to realize in one experimental place what majority of people will do once it has been proven that there are other ways of behaving. That the new lifestyle  is working. Masesselin dream is a prototype new society project. Please help!"

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