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Water is the key issue of human survival on this planet. Climate change is caused the same way by burning fossile energies as by the massive destruction of what scientists call "the small watercycle". Forests being cut, land over-used for agriculture, deserts expanding, soils without vegetation and sealed with concrete, there is less and less water evaporating on a small-scale local level. Instead of having frequent "soft" rains we have long periods of draught and rare, "massif" storms with huge amounts of water. In a vicious circle between lack of water and increase of heat our planet is heating up the same way our lands are drying out...


If we want to survive on this planet we need to change the way how we manage water. We need to capture , to "harvest" the rain, we need to make it last the longest time possible exactely the same way we try to make last our money on our bank-account. Rainwater should not flow away in rivers and streams. It should infiltrate the soil, make grow plants, who would exhale the water to make mist, which would cause little local "soft" rains, which would amaze us in the morning as beautiful drops on the gras.. Rainfalls should infiltrate the soil slowly, "voluptiously", in a slow sensual dance, 

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